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Emery Photography - Columbus, Ohio

Great photography is a symphony; the photographer is the conductor. In a great photograph, all of the elements play together in harmony to create a striking image. The soft sweep of the proper light, the play of dynamic graphics to capture interest, and careful composition to hold the viewer's attention all combine to create an image to best reflect the quality of our clients' work.

Emery Photography is based in Columbus, Ohio. I work throughout the country in the photography of architecture, building and construction products, and lifestyle - creating a clean, consistent, elegant style of photography to help market the products and services of my clients. Your company goes to great lengths to establish and maintain a consistent brand. The quality and consistency of the photography that markets your work is every bit as important to your product as your company logo. My photography builds upon your brand to capture your product at its very best.

I work closely with my clients to build upon and enhance the established branding to make the product the hero of the image. I photograph architecture and products in context with their environment, illustrating the benefits the consumer will derive from the product.

Have an architectural space or product you'd like to illustrate? Give me a call. Let's talk about how I can contribute to your marketing program and help you better communicate with your clients and customers. No surprises. No drama. Just great photography!